Hoe to get rid of mechanical thumping sound of a vst piano?

Here it is:

First Eq is a part of my sound, second for this sweety
and Soothe.2 is disabled :slight_smile:

use low velocity notes as been said earlier (according to hammer hardness - piano setting)
forgot about this finally :grin:

regards Alexander

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This won’t directly fix the issue, but it sounds like you’ve gotten some good help there. To anyone wondering, I’ll bet my money this is simply due to mic placement. Other recordings don’t have this because the mics aren’t placed directly above the hammers. Unless you edit out the sound of these transients, which will create artifacts, you’ll need to find a piano library with more control over mic placement.

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I see my next purchase is Fabfilter-Q3 :slight_smile:
I have other plugins, and as others advised I will dig into microphones as well.
Too bad at the Music University they do not teach about these stuff, you have to figure out by yourself…
One question, what is that orange square in the Pro-Q, looks like side chain?
Can you tell me how to do this?
Anyway I do not want to intrude on your time, you have helped a lot with this screen shot.
Thank you again,

Have a great day!

Yes, you are certainly right. Pianoteq 7 have numerous possibilities with microphones - positions and types. I see I was going the wrong way, better to take the right mic and position in the first place.
Thank you for reminding me :slight_smile:
Wish you all the best,
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Thank you Chris,
I will pay attention to the mic position and other advices I got here.
That will certainly improve the sound.
All the best,


Thank you Tony,

I am using fully weighted keyboard, and I will listen to the examples you mentioned.
Best Regards,

Yes it is a sidechain

The tip:
Play the notes roughly as in reference and then side-chain the reference right into your Pro-Q
Do the Pro-Q3 EQ Matching
Boom!- you get that reference sound (almost)
Thats how I get 2nd EQ settings :blush:

One of the beauties of Pro-Q

kind regards

I use entropy:EQ+ by Sonible for this. It’s useful and well suited for this task.
There are other options as well, like the free “voiceofsnow” plug-in by sundevstudio, the free PitchTech plug-ins by pitchtech.ch (if they work on your computer), the softwares Trax or TS2 by IRCAM / Flux, or any of Melda’s multiband plug-ins (used with the Tonal/Transient or with the Spectrum multiband mode) . All of them can separate the noisy part of a sound from the harmonic part and set the relative volume of each.

YES, I am buying it!
Where are you from, if I may ask?
I am from Canada :slight_smile:

Thank you XComposer.
I just say - OMG when will I learn all of this stuff :slight_smile:
I will try these software in my Cubase DAW.
Have a great day!