Hoe werkt 10 elements?

Dear Wave Lab friends,

I’ve been working with Wave Lab 7 elements for several years. I have Wave Lab 10 elements on my computer for several months, but … I have no idea how this works. Everything is completely, 100% different from version 7. No shortcut works. Who can help me to work with 10.

Perhaps it is due to the settings, but I had hoped that 10 worked the same as 7 but with more options.

I think we can help you better if you tell us what you’re trying to do. The manual explains how to accomplish tasks, but does not say anything about the best workflow, so I got stuck on that too, occasionally.

Hi Patrick, Do you speak Dutch or only English?

I am a musician and make recordings of concerts or for YouTube. For example, I want to fix what I played wrong for a moment. Then I want to place a small piece from another track in the basic take. So make a cut (select a piece) and then place this piece in the basic take. With Wave Lab 7 elements I know exactly how to do that, with 10 elements I cannot fix it.