Hold down cmd/ctrl to click vs double-click to open plugin - video details

Hold down command before opening a plug in for twice the speed.

Why can’t Steinberg set this to default?


An oldie but a goodie. +1

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Confirmed the same action with certain plugins on windows 7 too.

Also, did anyone notice that if you hover over the “e” button it says “double click to open/close editor” but in fact it’s only a single click

Do you have any idea why Steinberg have set it up this way Prock? I can’t fathom why it’s not set up for speed without having to press the command key. After all who wouldn’t wish for plugins to open promptly?

This concern was discussed at length in the past. Even Steinberg chimed in. Unfortunately I cant find the post.

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The terms are too common to find the post. If I remember correctly, it had something to do with Cubase waiting for a 2nd click. Wish I could remember more. Hopefully someone will chime in that does.

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Yes indeed. Here are a couple:

https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=101547 <-- with SB response (Fabio)

edit: I was typing when you posted, Prock… I found them using google to search the forum, which allows use of all those too short, too “common” words, plus all the other stuff big search engines do. :nerd:

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They do open a lot faster with a double click.

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Thank you Prock and Steve.

hmmm well I would think it efficient to just have it programmed to NOT wait for a second click and have it just open quickly with just one click. :slight_smile:

Would anyone agree?

One of my favorites… Alt+Shift click on e to open all plugins on a channel, Crtl+Shift click on e to close all plugins on channel.

No kidding!

I’ve used Cubase since the early 90’s and I still learn something every day - this is very useful. Trouble is at my age I probably forget something every day as well.

It’s actually just Shift + click on E, by the way.

No kidding!


Who wants to double click when they can single click?


Evertone mentioned that changing our mouse Double Click settings can effect single click functions in Cubase…and its true.

Video here : https://youtu.be/iK0Jv3_LKws

Very odd, it’s the same in Windows as well.

It’s designed this way: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=558704#p558704

The problem comes while having the double click settings turned up full to improve certain single click functions in Cubase … then when you need to actually double click something and its too fast to access.

Cubase waiting for a second click while opening a plugin is so counter reproductive. Who wants to double click a plugin when you can click it once?

Also why when deselecting an event by clicking on an empty space between the loop region is Cubase waiting for a second click?

Obviously a lot people have commented that they don’t like this, maybe post a feature request?