Holding a guitar bend - #held #bend #hold

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I searched this forum and haven’t find any info on held guitar bends. Are they a feature in Dorico 3.5? I read that hammer-ons and pull-offs are included, but what about bending a note and holding that bend while picking the string again (held bend) before releasing the bend or picking another note?

Absolutely: please see here.

Hi Daniel!

That is unfortunately not what I mean. I mean that you bend a string - hold the bend and play several individual notes with that bent note. It’s a very common technique that guitarists have used since the dawn of the blues guitar and has been a standard part of guitar tablature notation already decades. Here is what I mean:

And essential here is (like in the example above) that the fret of the note that was bent is shown and not the fret of the resulting altered pitch. So the actual fingering is being shown with the addition of the hold bend line. :slight_smile:

Aha, then you’re quite right, Dorico doesn’t currently support this kind of held and restruck bend. I’ll talk to the team about how we might support this in future.

Great! Thank you for your attention - you guys are doing incredible work for for all of us:)