Holding in notes for piano

Hello people,

So I am wondering if there is any way to make a playing note being held/pressed longer - and not released as soon as the next note comes? For example: Let’s say that I am playing an arpeggiated/broken chord on the piano, and that I want each of the playing notes to be held (to keep the harmonies ring together a little longer), is there any way to do this?

Because as for now, each playing note stops playing as soon as it’s time is done, I know that I can use the sustain pedal in “playing techniques” to make the notes ring a little bit longer, but I believe that it’s not exactly the same thing.

So is there any way to do this in dorico?

Thanks in advance!

Sure, go to Play mode and drag the length to anything you want.


Oh my… such an easy fix to my problem, I haven’t even thought of looking at the midi section in play mode before. I will have a lot of changes and fun in my compositions now, thanks!


A lot of changes to make now for sure! Thank you for the info

Isn’t this what a sostenuto pedal is for on a grand? Dorico supports sustenuto.