Holding out for Halion 7 - hope it's coming this year

There’s a bunch of functions I know others want.

All I want is automatic-pitch detection > key mapping like in Kontakt 6.

And a way of integrating custom impulse responses/convolutions into components and sections of instruments for example, if I take 12 impulse responses of a hardware EQ at 12 different settings, I want to be able to have a 12 step switch in halion that can select these different IRs of different EQ curve captures.

based on this interview
Behind the Scenes Developer Interview on Steinberg HALion – Synthmorph

thing are and have been in the making, that interview was in 2018…

Besides that, we are working on some pretty cool new ideas. Some of them will already be part of a bigger maintenance update this summer. There is a lot under way and checking out the latest version is definitely worthwhile.


PadShop Library

A MUCH easier interface that is HIDPI and scalable.


The update is HiDPI enabled for all resolutions of multiples of 25 ie. 125%, 150%, 200% etc etc.

You should be able to perform what you are asking via scripting.

really? I’ve been asking about that on here for a year… no one ever said. It must not be well known.

Eitherway, it would be great if it was just a built in feature implemented directly into the sample edit mapper UI

do you know where I can find this script?

Custom impulses were introduced to the convolution reverb an update or two ago. You would just have to create your own script to switch it when you want.

is it possible to have multiple convolutions in series? thanks for your infos

If you mean just passing the signal from one impulse into another than all you would need to do is have multiple reverbs in series in a buss. If you are talking about changing reverb over time then that would take some sort of scripting to do.

interesting thanks

Yeah, I also want to make a move to Halion from Kontakt 6, but don’t want to buy-in just before Halion 7 comes out. Would be nice to know this, if buying H6 gives you a H7 or not. The learning curve is so big that it takes months to become productive, so if going with H6 now, you probably still are in the learning phase when H7 drops, so new stuff to learn maybe, and another upgrade cost before even getting good use of the product.

They could just say, grace period from xx date until H7 drops. No requirement to commit to an exact date, as I know they prefer not to.

We are only at HALion 6.4 so there’s a ways to go before 7. You may be waiting for a few years.

Steinberg usually doesn’t go past x.4 before releasing a new full-update product

I’m just waiting on the FM module promised long ago…

It would be very helpful to know the grace period from Absolute 4 to 5
I really dont want to start investing in UVI Falcon & lib…s as I now believe the Halion 7 will be so
advanced (must’ve been a few years in development now :wink: that I will be all over the moon.
and prefer to get Backbone,TGuitar etc. (stay with steinberg).
I would just get the ABS4 now and activate…

Any more info would be fantastic on this topic.


forgot to mention that grace upgrade for ABS4 goes long way back :wink:

Customers who have activated Absolute 3 since November 1, 2018, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to Absolute 4.

I would love to see more modularity in HALion 7, like Falcon or PhasePlant. Maybe something like a Mixed-/Hybrid-/Custom-Zone that allows you to use multiple types of oscillators (be it sample, granular, wavetable, additive or “analog”) and lets you use FM between them. I would also like to be able to open image files in the wavetable oscillator, like Serum or Harmor. And while we’re at it, I want to be able to let modulators from one zone modulate stuff in another zone.