Holding shortkey to temporarily use tools

hi guys,

can there be a shortcut in the shortcut menu, for temporarily switching to another tool?

Like the tool modifiers in prefs, but for ALL the tools?

So you can set whatever key you want to flip between selection and zoom, for example, just by holding that key.

That would be excellent

But there’s only three* modifier keys, I’d personally not be able to do away with their current assignments for any of the three

*Four if you’re on Mac

Edit: re-read your post, you’re talking about any key …
Yeah that would be cool

You could kinda do something like this with AHK. The only problem would be returning to the previous tool. But if you’re ok with always returning to the same tool, it should be doable.
(AHK is Win only.)

yes its the “return to the previous tool” that is so handy…

i use ALT to cut stuff all the time…

it would be handy dandy to do the same with zoom, mute, glue, new audio stretch tool thing and range in my case.
I always go back to selection tool after using these tools.

Well in that case, AHK should be able to satisfy your needs.
Switch to a tool on key down, switch to another on key up.