Holds and pauses hiding bar rests on TAB with notation + TAB scores


I noticed many bar rests are inexplicably hidden in my electric guitar part’s TAB, and no matter what I do, I cannot get them to appear.

I made sure all of my notes in this layout are the same voice, deleted all explicit rests in the full score, and clicked “Remove Rests” in the Edit menu. Nothing is working, and I’m very anxious I did something wrong and broke my project file…

I attached a stripped-down copy of my arrangement; please help me!

I figured out what’s going on: fermatas and caesuras seem to be hiding rests in TAB. Is this an issue with Dorico or is this common practice that I’m not aware of?

hidden rests.dorico (3.5 MB)

This will quite possibly change the appearance of other things, but go into Layout Options, click on Players > Fretted Instruments, and check Show rhythms in tablature.

Strangely enough, that made those missing bar rests appear. Thank you!