Holds/Pauses in Dorico


So I am currently composing a piano piece in Dorico Elements, and I am wondering if there is any way for me to create a pause/hold effect on the last note of a measure to make it sound slightly longer (and create tension) - but without actually changing the time signature of the measure? I know that I can change the time signature of the measure - and then I can make the last note slightly longer accordingly, but I am wondering if there is a “hold/pause” effect that I can use instead?

Thanks in advance!

Can you add a drastic rit and a tempo and then hide them both?

You can set the rit to something like 20%. The trick is to hide the rit and a tempo; in Elements the only way seems to be to set their Custom Size to 1%.

I believe if you draw in the tempo changes in the Time track in Play mode, they’re automatically hidden in the music - including gradual changes that you draw using the Line tool, which are effect-wise equivalent to a rit/rall.