Holds popovers: a suggestion?

(Repeated from the Facebook group)

I love popovers as if they were kissed into my hands by cute little cherubs, but I will say I find some of the nomenclature counter-productive and needlessly long, especially when it comes to holds! In the time it takes to type in “breathmarksalzedo” I could have just clicked an icon in the notations panel. Might I suggest a re-tooling along these lines (caps used only to clarify letter choice here, should be case-independent):
Fermata: F OR (
Very long fermata: FVL or [[
Long fermata: FL or [
Short fermata: FS or <
Very short fermata: FVS or <<
Henze short fermata: HS
Henze long fermata: HL
Caesura: C or //
Thick caesura: CT or //T or ]]
Curved caesura: CC or //C or "
Short caesura: CS or //S or ||
Tick breathmark: BT or ’
Comma breathmark: BC or ,
Salzedo breathmark: BS or .
Curlew: CUR (or “that thing Britten invented”)
If commands were this brief I’d have my holds in place in a snap.

I think support for these kind of shortcuts is inevitable, but probably delayed by the team wanting clarity and meaning at this stage.

Another possibility would be to open the popover, then control-click to display a menu of fermata choices. This could be easier than remembering a bunch of text abbreviations. Of course, maybe then it would just be easier to use the built-in panel!