Holiday sale Padshop pro

I have Cubase 10 and purchased Padshop Pro upgrade from Padshop
I found out when installing my new upgrade that i did not need the upgrade.
In Cubase 10 it says Padshop not Padshop Pro
I found this misleading and put a ticket in
How many others have been caught out like this
Cubase 10 should show Padshop Pro really on VST panel.
Happy Holiday Sale!! :open_mouth:

All the best
john :smiley: or Billy Muggins!!! :laughing:

…didn’t you get an activation-code after purchasing Padshop Pro? Just in case you did get one, you need to enter it into the eLicenser Control Center. Then Padshop becomes Padshop Pro.

Hi Chris
My second thankyou for today
Big thanks for your help .
I am not used to this type of action and could not cut and paste activation in.
I then typed the activation in and all worked.
I also had to update my e- licenser.

All the best