Hollywood Choirs every note sustains

I’m using EW Hollywood Choirs for the first time in Dorico. It doesn’t seem to be registering note-off at all - every note sustains for ever.
I’ve tried everything I can think of.
Any ideas?

Coming back to this, it is the wordbuilder only that is note picking up note-offs, so not Dorico’s problem.

I believe Hollywood Choirs really relies on tempo information being sent to the VST plug-in in order for Wordbuilder to work properly. As yet Dorico doesn’t send such tempo information, but it’s planned for the future.

Thank you for the info, Daniel. It’s not a major stress not having this in Dorico, it was just a headscratcher. Thank you also that it was so easy to switch the expression map to mod wheel volume!

I found the solution for wordbuilder with player 6 version in dorico , use a VST host ELEMENT (kushview) , setup an ELEMENT as a VST Instrument, in the "Element plugin " select a “Play” plugin and setup the inputs and outputs of play vst. setup the midi input in “Play” and the first 2 audio output (I can’t upload an image showing how),
To sum it up , use a vst host “ELEMENT” by kushview as a instrument in dorico, and use the EW player 6 plugin inside the ELEMENT plugin, in this case wordbuilder works!


Thanks for this. I shall try when I have a spare couple of hours. Very helpful.

I will have to give this one a try…

I found a problem, when you export the audio the syllables are cut off, sorry, in playback no problem, but the audio export is bad. I really believed I had the solution.

The solution is a good one for me. For anything I use H Choirs, I’m fine to recreate in DAW.

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I’m glad it worked for you, in my case i export midi and wav from dorico, and use chorus midi track and other wav tracks for mix and master in sonar bandlab daw and it works too.