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Hi, Daniel. It may interest you to know that we have passed the one-year mark on this bug in the Steinberg Library manager setup.exe that has prevented me (and several other users worldwide) from upgrading to Dorico 4 and Cubase 12. You suggested that if I had a ticket with the support team, to re-engage with them. Well, since our exchange, I have done this many times. In addition, I pursued the following since then and now:

  1. I upgraded to Windows 11 to see if that cured the crash of the Library Manager installer. It DIDN’T.
  2. For $500, I opened a ticket with Microsoft Enterprise support, deployment team, and had them analyze the repeated crashes. After several weeks of investigation, they demonstrated that the crash indeed was in the SLM installer “setup.exe” and they told me to “contact the vendor” for support. They said it was not a Windows problem.
  3. I continued to nag the support group here in the U.S. I’ve had the same support engineer on this for the entire 13 months. In February, I received the following from the support engineer, Adam Benjamin:

Please forgive my silence here, I’ve been out of the office since we last spoke in November. Upon my return, I found some positive progress on this issue. It appears the team may have nailed down the problem and now the fix is to be included in a future release of the installer. I am not sure when that will be released exactly but it sounds like it should resolve this issue for you, so we’ll want you to keep an eye out for the next Library Manager installer update.

  1. Noting that Steinberg has finally admitted that this is YOUR bug, in my reply I requested early access to a “beta” of the repaired installer. That was two months ago. On March 1, the engineer replied:

I understand this has not been a good support experience for you and I apologize that I can’t move things along any faster. I’ve asked our supervisor for assistance on this and he’s working it from his side. Unfortunately as of right now we haven’t been able to get a beta installer for this but we’re working on it.

One year +. What I cannot understand is the seeming total indifference of your development team – or their management – to getting this updated code to me to (a) get me up and running, and (b) see if the patch actually solves the problem. I am speaking as a former VP of Software Engineering for a Silicon Valley high-tech firm with 70 developers and 30 support engineers.

If it had been me, I would have fallen all over myself to get the poor user up and running – as a matter of principle, but also to assure myself that this rare but show-stopping bug had been totally killed. I would have ordered my developer to interact directly with the end user, with the assigned support engineer watching from the sidelines. This is how much this kind of issue drove me crazy. But I guess that – you excepted – Steinberg is cut out of a different – or perhaps INdifferent cloth. I would have never said to the customer, “[we] want you to keep an eye out for the next Library Manager installer update.”

It’s too bad. I’d really like to get that Dorico upgrade I paid for (twice) a year ago, and that Cubase 12 upgrade I paid for a year ago, installed.

I posted this update here, rather than in my original problem thread because you are the one person on the “inside” at Steinberg who to me consistently seems to care about individual users. Thanks for that.