Holy guacamole, I'm back :)

Howdy Phil! :smiley:

Howdy Nick. I’d recognise that studio name anywhere :sunglasses:

About freaking time you showed up here :laughing:

Hiya Steve :sunglasses:

Shut up, Phil! :imp:

Naw … welcome! :mrgreen: :sunglasses:

Hiya Paul and Ulf. Took a long time to sort out but, like I said, Ed did wonders :sunglasses:

Welcome back, Phil :smiley:

Wassup Fella!!! - Good to cya here :slight_smile:

I don’t really like guacamole… :confused:

:smiley: Yeah, Woody Allen once described it as brains streaming out of the skull :smiley:

Got a point too :open_mouth:

And why does it look like mushy peas?

It’s derived from the term ‘holy sh1te’, except it’s got a bit of rhythm and rhyme to it.
To get the holes in either, they use people who aren’t afraid to get their fingers dirty,
and whether or not you should be eating it is always a personal matter. :slight_smile:

As Phil was the last one to arrive at the lounge Guacamole feast, we left him the dishes. Welcome back Phil :laughing:

guacamole is good whether it has religion or not.

Hi ya Phil! :smiley:

Hiya John :sunglasses:

Robin. What happened to the industrial dishwasher I left for you guys? :unamused:

Sold it to buy the update to C6! And beer… :confused:

Hey Cheese Man !!! Your back , now everything is back to normal. :slight_smile:

Good to see your alive and kicking.

Howdy John and Ian :sunglasses:

Hee, hee! :smiley:

You can’t keep a good cheese down!

Waydaminit… that’s not right… Of course you can keep a good cheese down. But you get the sediment. Sentiment. I didn’t mean you get a sediment deposit from eating a good cheese. Sediment is not an impediment or even unintended condiment.

Anyhoo - cough - my compliments, old man. :sunglasses: