Homage to 1989 Glam-Rock-Metal

A client paid us to create a track that screams Stripper Pole. The film opens with a chick that looks 100% porn star dressed in a girl scout uniform. The rest involves a film crew, a preacher, and some shred guitar.


I usually don’t mix this type of music. I’d be curious to get some feedback from other ears. Thanks!

ill name that tune in one ,thats "i love rock n roll " and "walk this way" mixed up , great sound although the guitarist sounds better than most glam rockers who would have been around in the 80s ,you should have put a bit of EVH tapping in there as well maybe.

You nailed it! We started out with “Cherry Pie” as a reference because of the slutty chick. Then realized it was closer to Joan Jett. The “WtW” reference came in as a joke by the bassist and we loved it too much not to keep it. Thankfully chord progressions and rhythmic styles aren’t copyright violations!

Flattered to think I’m better than my glam guitar heros!.. too bad I can’t finger tap worth a rats ass.

nice playing joe and nice sound. i think for the 80s glam sound you would probably have to tie a couple of your fingers together drink a load of booze, fall over a bit and make the tone a bit fuzzier . steve perrys a different story he was and is a great player some of them licks you did were right up his street.nice one. :smiley: yeh and thats probably joe perry aswell ,think id better get on the booze. :laughing:

Yes, sounds just like it used to. :wink:


Sometimes… I miss those days… but not usually. :laughing:

Cool, I’d love to see the video with this :slight_smile:

My description I reads more like a porn than it actually is… :laughing:
This is a comedy about college students who drop out of school to make a movie. It’s “slap-stick” so you can imagine the conversation between the slutty girl scout and the priest.