Home studio re vamp

Looking for advice on the best equipment to use with Cubase pro 8. I’m using Osx Yosemite, I currently have an M-Audio firewire I/O controller for which support ceased in 2011 leaving it out of touch with the newest cubase features.
So to rerplace this I’ve considered the Steinberg MR816csx interface along with the CMC controllers,
though I would prefer the option of an analogue desk, so have looked at the Allen & Heath Zed R16 but can’t find an info regarding Cubase compatability. does anyone have any experience with either or any other suggestions for the ideal set up?


I’m using an ZED R16 with Cubase for 3 years now. The MMC buttons work super, along with the Generic Remote (GR) controls for all the buttons on the desk. Faders work as well, but due to an issue with the GR, the assignment scrambles every time you add a channel.
A&H has a complete setup guide, Cubase templates and very nice drivers on the support site. I’m on Windows, by the way, no idea about Macs…
I run with very low latency (<128) absolutely smooth 28in/28out over the FW connection with a Behringer (I know, I know…) ADAT expander using 24/48 projects.
I usually run stems out to the desk and go from there, but the EQ is awesome and you get more zero-latency monitoring than you’ll ever need…
I’ll be glad to help if there’s any issues. Also check the epic thread on Gearslutz, several users there with a lot of experience.


Thanks very much for you advice and info. Much appreciated.