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That was it! Thank you very much :slight_smile: I had it set to “sizing moves contents”. Didn’t even notice that I had done that.

Much appreciate the help. And I must say, I am really liking this software…

getting the hang of the various sizing/trimming/moving commands can be fun. But, it makes all the difference. Learning to quickly turn snap on/off and rotate through the various states of the mouse tools becomes second nature. I actually prefer this method to the smart mouse method. I just wish we had more customizable key accelerator combination options for each tool.

Yeah, I was very mixed on the smart mouse approach to things. It had it’s merits, especially when I was starting out and still figuring out what workflow worked best for me, but as my working style evolved and settled into patterns that suited me, I began to want to have more direct control over what my mouse pointer was doing or would do.

quoted for truth … this is it exactly. Smart pointers are great for beginners. They are annoying when you know what you are trying to do.

Hi all, coming out of lurking mode. One thing that has me a little confounded. Why is the audio saving in a untitled folder instead of a folder by the name of the saved song, seems a silly system that could be easily fixed for a MAJOR QOL fix?.



Edit: Solved thanks to Greg Ondo :slight_smile:.

CUT TIME command
There is a command in Sonar that lets you delete the space you’ve just created upon deleting an “event” or “clip” as Sonar calls it, and slides the remaining audio to the left. It looks like that’s the “Cut time” command in Cubase. However, the key command “Cut time” doesn’t appear to do anything. Ideas? It would be good not to have to select the range that the time is in. In Sonar, you hit “D” for delete and a box comes up allowing you to select delete space or not.

Cut time requires a range selection

Hi - Sad Sonar Platinum user here looking to take advantage of the Cubase Pro crossgrade being offered. I’ve gotten to the page where I am to submit my proof of ownership, but Sonar isn’t one of the options in the drop-down. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help!

  • Jeff

Too bad. That’s 2 extra clicks and a bit of time in the middle. It would save quite a bit of time in editing a long section with a lot of dialog cuts if there were one-click like in Sonar.
Also, I’ve been editing today using the “Backspace” to cut an event and the “Shift/Backspace” to cut time, when suddenly “Shift/Backspace” quit doing what it’s supposed to do.

A range selection isn’t needed, those commands will work on the current locator cycle. So hit P, (locators to selection) then shift-backspace.

True, but that only works for the entire timeline right? Not just the selected track?

Hi Jeff and welcome!
Just select the Cubase Pro 9.5 crossgrade to choose where to crossgrade to.

Hi Ed - Thanks for the welcome and the help! Yeah, I see I misread it. Well, here I go to take the plunge!

Sorry for another post folks! I’m sure this answer’s been given before, but although I searched, I couldn’t find an answer that exactly fit my question.

So, I completed my crossgrade purchase (yayy!) and the order includes a USB eLicense. Now, I don’t have any other kind of eLicenser (like other posters I found did), so I certainly need it. Since it’s my understanding that I need the physical dongle for the Pro version, am I correct in assuming that it’s being shipped to me? The order confirmation email and other things I read aren’t clear about that. In the order confirmation email, the product is referred to as “Win/Mac #407744 Box” (versus the crossgrade is referred to as “download”), implying that it’s the physical item, but I was never given any information about, or charged, shipping costs.

Although I can download the software - I successfully installed the download assistant - since I don’t think I can activate the software until I have the physical eLicenser, I’d rather hold off until it comes.

I apologize if I’m sound confusing…Thanks for your help!

Thanks to Ed Doll and all the Grand Senior Members for patience and help!
One navigator method I’ve seen before but can’t find now is the ability to place the locator using something other than the pointer (I think) by clicking on the locator line/cursor bar and moving it around…rather than having to go up to the ruler bar.

I think you’ll be glad you did. I found moving from Sonar to Cubase to be a lot easier than I expected. There’s still a learning curve, of course, but it has been fun making my way around it.

Hi Jeff, thanks for the purchase!
If you ordered the box, it will be shipped to you including the USB-eLicenser needed to start Cubase Pro 9.5. You can already download and install Cubase Pro 9.5 using the Steinberg Download Assistant - the USB-eLicenser and the license is only needed while using Cubase.

Thanks again Ed! I just got an e-mail from Steinberg, literally minutes ago, confirming that the eLicenser is coming via UPS. So everything’s in place!

Looking forward to this. Years (and years) ago when I was looking at getting a DAW, the choice for me was between Cakewalk (then Pro Audio) and Cubase. I went with Pro Audio because I got a better deal on it. But I knew that if I ever had to migrate off, it would be to Cubase. I know there are other good DAWs out there, but Steinberg has been a trail blazer since the nineties (maybe even the eighties), and I want to be at the forefront, not lagging behind!

I’ve made the plunge too and am currently being evaluated. :blush:

The one thing I didn’t check after ordering was support for 32-bit VST plugins, which doesn’t seem to be there. I have an Ensoniq SQ80 emulation that is quite good and that I would like to use sometimes.

Hello, I’m another long time Cakewalk user who has just moved to Cubase. So far, I’m really enjoying the Cubase experience, and love the fact that I can create a similar workflow that I became so used to in Sonar Platinum.

My question is regarding one workflow feature that I really miss from Sonar . . . being able to edit and map BFD3 drums in the Staff View.
I’ve found the button where you can easily create a BFD3 drum map, very cool . . . but Cubase has a full on “score editor” so the drum notes all appear many octaves below the staff lines (C0, D1, F1 etc . . .)

I’ve found where you can customize the score editor to create different note head and stem displays, but I can’t find a way to display the drum notes octaves higher, so they actually appear on the staff lines. (No, I can’t relate to the percussion view) In Sonar, you could create a staff layout that did this. Is there a way to visually display and customize the score editor to accommodate this . . . without having to transpose all the drum notes, and having to re-program the drum map ?