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I’m guessing that your post was for me and my Custom Startup Template issue ?
That sounds like MacOS stuff - I’m on Windows 10, and there is no such thing as a “preferences folder” .
But I do agree with you that ‘what I describe is not how it should work’. And I thank you for your assistance.

And, strangely, it works perfectly if I save my template as a regular Project file - when I then double-click on the Project file, Cubase starts up with everything just exactly as I saved it - all of my input/output track routings are there, all of my window placements & configurations are intact, and all of my Virtual Instrument tracks & instruments are there, with everything working fine.
I would just prefer to achieve this in a Template format, rather than as a regular Project file.
I think that I will try posting my question in the General area of this forum, and see if any of the ‘experts’ over there have any ideas.

EDIT - I just now did exactly that, so for anyone who wishes to follow along with this question, here you go: