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After having issues with verification, Support has not responded in 3 days crossgrade price is advertised at 336.00 CAD but when attempting to check out the webstore is doing very strange things like adding multiple instances of the purchase and has increased the price to 423.00 CAD ??
Not Cool, Can someone from Steinburg offer a solution? I’m not feeling very good about switching to Cubase at the moment for both the lack of support /communication and the inconsistencies and glitches I’m experiencing on the webstore.


audacity will also import and batch export 64bit wav files as 32bit float .wav files which cubase can open.

Hello All,

I’m a Cakewalk Sonar refugee as well. I’m looking for a database of Cubase Patch Scripts (.txt files with patchname <-> MIDI mapping) and device setups (.xml files with more advanced user-defined GUI controls). I’ve seen many people say ‘Ask Google’. I’m feeling a bit dumb - I can’t find this big database. I found a few references to databases (e.g. 2005 article in Sound On Sound and forum.steinberg.net thread 33055), but so far all reference defunct links.

Is there a recent link to a good cache of patch scripts and/or device setups? In particular, I’m looking for Korg Kronos 1 and Yamaha Motif XS. Yes, they have a Patch Script for Yamaha Motif XS built-in, but it doesn’t have the key map entries for the drums and I cannot find device setups (*.xml) file for it either.

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Hi all,

Want to mention I’m having some pleasant success in moving my Sonar files into Cubase via OMF and MIDI exports from Sonar, and imports into Cubase. Everything is holding together in terms of events (clips) and timing. That’s all I need to not feel like I’m losing creative data.

Agreed, OMF import from Sonar is working Ok so far. Just watch the tempo setting and choice of whether you align by timebase or absolute time.

I’m having a successful time too. I’m really liking expression maps and the ability to explode polyphonic material into separate voices. The logical editor is easier to use than Sonar’s cal scripts. These are features we could have only dreamed of in Sonar. Still, mouse actions are still taking time to adjust to.

Same for me, also. And I’m really, really liking Cubase. Getting up to speed is taking way less time than I anticipated, and I’m beginning to feel quite comfortable with the software. This is a great program…

Hello All,

I’m looking for a database of Patch Name Scripts (*.txt files and equivalent to Sonar ‘Instrument Definition’ .ins files) and Device Setup files (.xml) for Cubase Pro. I found several links, but most are broken/out-of-date. Can anyone suggest a link?

Thank you in advance…

Is it possible in Cubase to trim a midi clip by dragging the end of it. I can do that in Sonar, but I can’t seem to do it in Cubase. When I grab the clip by the corner or edge, it moves the whole clip around. I only want shorten the actual clip itself without otherwise moving it.

I know I can highlight a section and delete it – just figured that out tonight – but I’m hoping for a non-destructive way to shorten a clip so I have the option to lengthen it again later, if needed.


should just click drag on the bottom corner

Also, I believe it is alt+shift+left arrow to do that as well, and alt+left arrow to lengthen the front. Check the key commands for the other shortcut combos for changing/moving a MIDI part.

That was the first thing I tried. It shorten’s the clip by collapsing it at the other end, and the notes get pushed along with it.

Another handy one is ctrl+alt will let you shift the midi events inside the part with the mouse pointer.

oh, on the selector tool make sure it is set to normal sizing. You probably have it set to “moves” or “time”

That was it! Thank you very much :slight_smile: I had it set to “sizing moves contents”. Didn’t even notice that I had done that.

Much appreciate the help. And I must say, I am really liking this software…

getting the hang of the various sizing/trimming/moving commands can be fun. But, it makes all the difference. Learning to quickly turn snap on/off and rotate through the various states of the mouse tools becomes second nature. I actually prefer this method to the smart mouse method. I just wish we had more customizable key accelerator combination options for each tool.

Yeah, I was very mixed on the smart mouse approach to things. It had it’s merits, especially when I was starting out and still figuring out what workflow worked best for me, but as my working style evolved and settled into patterns that suited me, I began to want to have more direct control over what my mouse pointer was doing or would do.

quoted for truth … this is it exactly. Smart pointers are great for beginners. They are annoying when you know what you are trying to do.