Homemade playback templates problem

I’m slowly getting my head around playback templates.
I’v done one with BBC SO, Halion and Noteperformer, but I can’t figure out how to add e.g. Kontakt.
When I edit template and “add manual”, it only shows me BBC SO. “Add Automatic” shows me Halion, Noteperformer and Silence.

What to do ?

You likely need to save some custom Endpoint Configurations first. For example, my big band template has SWAM Saxophones as one Endpoint Configuration, Samplemodeling Brass as another, etc. In Play mode, with VST Instuments open, click the + to add a Kontakt instance, then click the little gear wheel to open up the Endpoint Configuration. Once you have it set up the way you want, you can save it by clicking the Save Endpoint Configuration button in the bottom left. After you’ve saved some Endpoint Configurations, you can then add them as entries in your Playback Template. Hope that’s clear!

BTW, if you’ve ever been curious what you sound like out of Dorico (with Ample Bass Upright), I transcribed a few choruses of your line behind Hank Jones on Bloomdido a while back. I’m a saxophone player so I’m not sure I got the pull offs right, but this should be close LOL!

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You need to create an endpoint that includes Kontakt (set up for a specific library) and relevant expression maps - give it a name eg myKontakt Brass, presumably as you set up the BBC SO. Then you will be able to add that manually to your new playback template.

Add automatic can only add the so-called factory endpoints.

Thank’s - done :slight_smile:
And wow - did you really transcribe all that ? - I’m flattered :hugs:

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BBCSO has an excellent template that John did in case you didn’t know, covers everything AFAIK

Yes - I’m using that :slight_smile: