Hooking up external compressor

Hey guys,

Ive recently picked up a new preamp and compressor for my studio. Since i’ve never really used outboard gear, im just wondering how I would hook it all up for both tracking and mixing. Ive just bought an Art MPA II Preamp and an Art VLA II compressor.

My audio interface is a Presonus firestudio tube(link to pic of connections below)

The main questions I have are how I would hook up my compressor so that I can:

a) Use it for light compression on tracking etc
b) Send recorded tracks to the compressor and back into DAW for mixing.

The way I have it setup at the moment is Art MPA > Art VLA > Presonus Firestudio Line input but this will only work for tracking right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Obviously It would depend on what software you are using…

Im using Cubase 6.5.

so for the compressor use the " external FX" feature, and the preamp line out goes to an interface line in.

Page 200 of the Manual is a good place to start.

Generally page 1 is an even better place… :mrgreen:

Where would we be without humour? :laughing:

Now if only people understood my sense of humour… :laughing: