Hooking up MPC2500 and M-audio VENOM synth to Cubase AI5

Hi everyone!!!

I’m new to Cubase and before it I used FL Studio, because I want to get a lil bet serious with music production I chose to upgrade my equipment a little…

So I did: bought Motif XF, VENOM, MPC 2500SE, RME Babyface, Behringer Xenyx 1202 and RODE NT1000 for vocals.

But stupid me didn’t think…so the problem…I managed to get Motif XF working and also installed Yamaha editor and all those things that came with it.
(DAW is Cubase AI5 which I got with my Motif)
So Motif is working great, but I cannot get MPC and Venom to work, I managed to get them to send MIDI and sound, but when I record my MIDI and then playback I don’t hear nothing!

So if someone can help me I really wish I can get this stuff to work finnaly?!? (TNX in advance guys - luv ya’ll :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: )

+++some specs of my PC: Win 7 ultimate 64x
SSD disc
Intel i5
8GB Ram
Motherboard: Asus P8P67 Deluxe

P.S.: Have another question: how can I get my MIDI and audio to record at once - is this possible with something like Behringer ADA8000 per’say? It’s really stupid and time consuming to re-record/convert MIDI to audio from every channel… :blush: :confused:

Thank you all!!!


Do you have a midi interface or is the venom connected through USB? Either way, to play back midi to the venom, just set the track’s output to the venom.
Recording midi and sound simultaneously is possible. Just arm the tracks you want to record and hit record :slight_smile:

I have my Venom connected with USB cable to PC and MPC with MIDI cable o RME Babyface Audio interface as the USB in MPC doesn’t send MIDI unfortunaly…ANd the Babyface is connected to PC with USB aswell.

Oh and my MPC doesn’t show in the list of outputs like Motif and Venom do…it is nowhere to be found.

Hehehe so simple ha? hehehe ok will do so, thanks…But can you tell me why then do people use A/D like for ex. this ADA8000?

Well obviously to record actual audio you need an A/D converter to get the sound in cubase. The babyface has it’s own though, I assume you connected the ADA8000 with the babyface through adat?
You wouldn’t actually need the ADA8000 if the babyface had enough inputs. Every audio interface has ADA. (probably someone gonna tell me there’s a digital only interface which there probably are indeed, but nvm that :stuck_out_tongue: )

No No, I didn’t get Ada8000 yet…
just asking though if it would be a good idea to get it…cuz wright now I have my synths hooked up with jacks into Behringer and then with XLRs to the babyface…

Is there any other way to do MIDI to Audio, other then exporting it?
(it’s very time consuming + I’m quite a fresh noob at Cubase for now :stuck_out_tongue: )

If the audio source is external (hardware), then you’ll have to play back the midi and record the generated audio. If it’s a software audio source (VSTi), then you have more options.

Sorry my friend but I got no solution to the problem with connecting the Venom to Cubase :confused:

Those settings you advised don’t help either…It’s like there is no patch bank to find for Cubase, like if Venom is invisible exepct the MIDI signal…

Same with the MPC2500SE :exclamation: :unamused:

Any ideas from here on? :question:

Anyone?! :arrow_right: :bulb: :exclamation: