Hope to get your help!about Elisenser


I have encountered an unresolved problem with this CUBASE PRO 10.5 update.
When the ELISENSER upgrade license, the license expired due to timeout.
Failure to repair the fault using the Recovery feature.
I intend to move other licenses other than the CUBASE10 license to another E LISENSER, causing VSL’s BRASS license to also fail.
It is also impossible to repair the fault by replacing the other two computers.
My computer’s system is MAC 10.14.6, WINDOWS 10, MAC 10.10

Please help me, I have no other way. The BRASS of CUBASE and VSL are the working software that I rely on to survive.


read the last post from this thread:


I read that post
But I can’t register my original software on the new E LISENSER.
The reason is that those activation codes have already been used.
I can only apply for a new registration code from Stienberg.
I don’t know if I can get it smoothly.
Thank you for your reply.