Hopefully there will be a decent gain clip someday !

Hopefully there will be a decent gain clip someday, instead of an unusable envelope with no gain boost and no data!

You mean clip gain? There is clip gain, which does what it says. Event enevelopes are a different thing, but you knew all that anyway.

Hi svennilenni,

Yes, I know it well, that’s why I’m asking for a real gain clip.

Is there one? Where? Are you talking about volume automation, which isn’t on the main track and doesn’t visually alter the waves? Or are you talking about the pencil volume line that only reduces the volume, not increases it (is that possible!)? And where there is no indication of decibels, even in the info line?

p.s. The only solution to obtain a gain clip like Pro Tools, would be in Cubase to increase the volume (say 6 db) in pregain, and to lower the “clip gain” by -6 db equivalent. So he would have the space in positive value. But the precise values would still be missing. Let us note in passing that Studio One understood. The latest version has a gain clip like Pro Tools.

If you are talking about what is shown here then yes, we do have that im Cubase.

Look carefully pus away as the beginning, after 3:08. This is what Cubase does not have. Clip gain on wave, in positive and negative, with change in shape. An extraordinary tool for micro-adjustment, especially voice. I prefer Cubase, but this absence hurts. I’m not alone, there are threads about it.