Hopes for the new cubase 12

I hope they’ll put-in,
• 1) “TAPE STOP” automation on all the tracks (like Logic Pro).
• 2) “STRUMMING” guitar feature on midi notes (like FL Studio).
• 3) Have "NOTE REPEAT” button on the bottom part of the transport section (like Studio One).
• 4) When you click on the inserts for plugins - have a “RECENT” and “FAVORITES” section (like Studio One).
• 5) When you pull-up a plugin, “HAVE A BUTTON AT THE TOP THAT LOCKS THE PLUGIN” on the screen no-matter what you click-out of (like Studio One).

Ok someone jump in if I’m wrong but I’m certain cubase has all this:

  1. LoopMash fx
  2. Built in strumming, piano and countless other presets in chord pad.
  3. LoopMash fx
  4. Favourites folder. (Which you create in plugin manager). No recents though.
  5. ‘Keep plugin on top’ option top right

I think he means actual tape stop as in transport control stop so you can automate a stop @ the end.

point 5 does not work. Even if you have the option ALWAYS IN FRONT checked, it is hidden, for example behind the window to edit channel settings.

Cubase Asks:

-Wet/dry on inserts
-Phase on inserts
-Mid/side inserts
-Full screen on Mac
-Randomness for velocities and timing
-Vertical scrolling mouse wheel
-Render in place frozen tracks with effects
-Routing configuration presets in mixer

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• 6) Auto Caps Lock

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  • Some kind of track container for instrument tracks when used in multitimbral mode so I don’t have to choose between the entire track being called “overheads” or my overheads being named “Kontakt Drums” or whatever the sampler happens to be.
  • MIDI inserts on instrument tracks

Note repeat can be done in Groove Agent. There’s an Always On Top function for plugins. Strumming can be acheived in the Chord track.

-unlimited cue 4its not enough

It would not be bad if in Cubase 12, Steinberg implemented automatically modifiable scrollbars. So that when you move the cursor over them, they automatically become a little wider, as this is implemented in the Options panel in Windows 10.

Agreed. If I had more, or even better 16 direct outs instead of 8, I could simplify my cue mix setup.

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  1. New MIDI API (Known)
  2. Fix chord pads recording arps into the timeline (Garbled mess currently)
  3. Hoping that losing the dongle may result in better CPU or App ‘snappiness’
  4. More colour options to help visibility in the piano roll, find some of the highlighting gets lost.
  5. Improvement on the current built-in compressors, Quite weak and lack character currently.
  6. Articulation/Switching system improved to make it easier to create new mappings.
  7. Being able to just type a plugin name on the list and hit enter to load it (Have to click it’s name still!)
  8. Add polyphonic detection into Vari-Audio.
  9. Get rid of that title bar on Windows machines!!

That’d be me good . :slight_smile:


If you mean that totally weird menu bar then +1


I’d like to see all-new MIDI Effects - especially a brand new arpeggiator that has even more preset patterns and ways to introduce controlled (not random) variations in the playback of notes.