Hoping to see a New Controller from Steinberg

Hey guys,

I really love the MC Mix’s Design, on the other hand I heard that the fader quality wasn’t that good. But a new fader-controller bei Steinberg/Yamaha would be awesome. In addition I think that it won’t be cheaper than a MC Mix oder MC Control.
But now I saw the new iCon. The iControls Pro looks pretty nice. Even better with other fader caps :slight_smile:.
@Jerome: May I ask you which caps you used do mod your qCon and where did you get them?

I’m really interested since an MC Mix is way to expensive and i think that the current CC121 isn’t what I’m looking for.

So does anyone know when the new iControls Pro will be available?

Greetings, Chris

Hi !

According to my contact at iCON, the iControls Pro are already shipping (the G-Board is available in France and the iControls Pro should be soon), so I guess you can get one…and tell us what it’s worth.

I got ALBS metallized fader knobs. They have a T-lever type slot and are compatible with ALPS faders.

Those here http://www.conrad.fr/capuchons_pour_potentiometres_rectilignes_p_48674_49120_645325_841512

The new icon gear should be available in 5 weeks in my Dutch go-to webshop.

@Jerome: Thank you very much for your reply. So you got the “chrome”(d) and not “nickel”(ed) caps?

@Strophoid: Then I hope it also will be available here in Germany;).

I’ve heard from two credible sources that Yamaha/Steinberg will be releasing TWO controllers this October. One is supposed to be a high end unit (probably for studios using Nuendo) and the other a mid end. No details on design features, but supposedly you’ll start seeing news releases next month - September 2011.

Check out this link:

They’re a bit too big for me, as is the price… :open_mouth:

Just got a great deal on a second hand cc121, guess I’ll be covered for now :mrgreen:

This sounds very, very interesting!
I was about to purchasing an SSL Nucleus, but it’s a very overpriced controller I need time to decide.
If your infos are true, I’ll really look into it.
In my opinion a modern controller needs to:

1-Be universal (if one uses Cubase, he probably also use Live, or ProTools, or Reason)
2-have lcd scribble strips
3-have plug ins auto map
4-have channel lock (be able to lock a channel fader)

A new, modern language other than Mackie Control (limited) or Eucon (now Avid) should be invented/implemented.
Let’s hope and see.

I am thinking of getting Houston. I used to own one and it has 8 faders. Just for the volume and scroll and play buttons. Oh yeah and pan.

I also heard this same news. I think I’ll stick with my CC121, but the new controllers are said to be modular so you can add faders if you want. Neat.

This is great news

To bad they did not think of it when developing the CC121, my guess is that the CC121 won’t be part of the modular system. But I’m not in need of more faders, I work the one by one method and never ever did ride more than one fader at a time.

I’ll be watching it, but I’m still learning to use the cc121 to its fullest, so I’m not quite ready for an upgrade already :wink:
Would love some expandability on the cc121 though, just so you can be sure there’ll be room for more when you feel you’re being limited by the amount of controls.

looks like you’re in the right path!


I am VERY curious to see what these new controllers will be about. I gave been in the market for a controller for some time, but so far nothing stands out that I would want to plunk down my money on. A CC121 on steriods is what I’m hoping for. The only controller that has really peaked my interest is the Nucleus, but it is over-priced IMO and I don’t need it’s audio functions (which are incomplete IMO)…not to mention the heat problem with it. Steiny, if you guys do this new controller right I will snatch it up immediately.

yeeeeeeeah - i hope it is true that we will become one serious controller for a cubase directly from steinberg-yamaha - the best news - great steinberg ! - you are listening your people - this is something very special - great news for all cubase-nuendo user !!!

Looking forward to read some official release info, pics, details from Steinberg regarding their new control-surface.

Many Thanks to Steinberg for listening to our requests. I’m sure they have something very pro-quality, that will be a great tool to speed up workflow for all Cubendo users.


I nearly bought a nucleus. I´m going to wait for this …!!!

Oh my! The new controllers are just…double facepalm!
At least now I have no excuses but go for Nucleus

VERY disappointed!!! I guess I’ll be choosing between a Nucleus or Euphonix. I think Steiny will sell a lot of the CMC’s, but they totally missed the mark in the medium-priced controller market which is lacking (just read topics on just about every music forum out there regarding midi controllers).