Hoping you wont get in my Way (Original Blues Song)

Need a “sound check” on this one people. Not sure if i got it right. Thoughts, criticism all welcome.

I like the vibe, but I’d suggest a couple of things. I think the mix lacks clarity partially because everything is too wet.
I’d cut back on the verb some. Also, the bass needs to be tweaked so that it keeps it’s low end, but it needs better definition. Also,. I’d suggest adding more movement to the bass line. The rhythm guitar and organ are already
sustaining the root chords - the bass doesn’t need to be doing the same thing. I’m wanting to hear more walking bass
on this.

I like your vocal approach, and as I said, I like the overall vibe.

what drums are you using?

Thanks Lenny. I was hoping for a comment by you as I’ve heard a bit of you stuff, and to be honest, your pretty damn good. 12 months ago I couldn’t play one blues lick, went hard at the practice and got to where I am so far (still a way to go). I’m using EZdrummer and playing the bass manually on a Yamaha MM6 keyboard. I’m no bass player so I guess that’s why it doesn’t have much movement. Tried to get by with something very basic. Maybe I should buy a bass and put in a years practice on that too. As for the overall mix, something I battled with for hours. What you call “wet” I call “roomy”. And it was my opinion it was to roomy and I couldn’t seem to get rid of that bass booming (as I call it). I did cut back on the verb on some tracks and even used the 'rock equalizer preset for both bass and drums, but something still wasn’t right. Would love to watch someone with more experience remix it for me, and take note what they do.
I appreciate your comments Lenny and totally agree. I might have a go at a remix.

Just might add, love your version of The Rain Song. Fantastic.

Well for only one year, you are definitely picking it up fast! Agree on the bass comments and that you should try to get more variety in the drums. Like the singing and the attitude.

In the Key Editor right now making some changes, more fills and cymbals had to come up in velocity, then will play with the bass (just the mix). Not up to making it more busy at this stage, maybe next project.

Well here’s a remix but still don’t think I got the bass right.

Liking it !! Just reckon the guitar would mean more if you played less notes ( thinkin of Jeff Beck ) I reckon understatement is the name of the game in blues guitar, but…hey, it’s a great track…Kevin

Thanks Kevin. Yeah I’m a big fan of J Beck and so many others as well. Just played what I felt on this one. It worked for me at the time. I showed a friend some months back how to play a blues solo with just 4 notes, so I know what your talking about. I think it took Albert King to slow Gary Moore down. (hehe).