Hora Madness ! Electro Gypsy

Hello all … Listen to this song, made with Cubase… and my guitar :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


any comments on the mix are welcome i try to improve my skills :slight_smile:


great stuff .

killer playing, not a big fan of drum (especially snare)sound but the rest is intriguing. Well done :slight_smile:

Very nice playing indeed, nicely done.
A bit of electro swing from time to time should be mandatory listening :slight_smile:

Loved it! Great playing.

It’s a great track. Loved the guitar work.

I found the mix very sharp. My ears went into
retreat pretty early on. Too much bite for me.

The balances are great as are the spatial
placements and arrangement.

For me, it just needs less brittleness.

Hey thanks for your answers… :slight_smile: i used aphex vocal exciter, it’s a great plug but maybe i pushed it a little bit to much also…