Horizon - Bleeding Fingers

Hello fellow Cubase’ist :slight_smile: Here’s my submission for the Bleeding Fingers competition , done inside Cubase 7.5 which rocks . It was crashing recently rather regularly but I worked out why and it had nothing to do with Cubase . It was my ram timing, been solid since then :smiley: .


If you have any thoughts or comments , whatever it may be , it’s much appreciated .


very nice tune ,but im not gonna vote cause thats just silly .

Hey polgara , thanks for taking the time to listen , negating everything , it was a great exercise to do it .

Cheers .

The absolute, most essential criticism you (and almost every other entrant) can receive for this competition is already in the competition description, which is as follows; ‘We’re looking for originality, curveballs and adventurous amphonics.’

You’ve done nothing original, thrown not one curveball in there and I don’t have a clue what they mean by amphonics, given that it’s not a word in the English dictionary. But anyway, you need to remember that this is a production music company. By curveballs they’re going to really want to see how you can take someone else’s chords/melody and really change it into a trailer kind of format with a large range of dynamics and interesting punctuation. If it’s been a good exercise at arranging some different string parts then that’s great.

The peoples choice winner is a mere popularity contest. I have people on my facebook with thousands of followers that spam for people to vote for themselves, their boyfriend or their good friend. So it’ll be those people with the largest network of sheep that will blindly click to vote when they’ve never even heard any other entries. I must say, I really despise it when people ask others to vote for their own or anyone’s entry without listening to others first. I wouldn’t be proud of myself if I had to win that way.

I’m sure the people here, myself included, would be happy to give feedback on original pieces. But personally other than what I’ve said I can’t really say much else when it’s an orchestral arrangement of someone else’s orchestral piece.

Good luck with the competition. I also can’t vote because I really can’t be arsed to listen to hundreds of pieces of arrangements all using the exact same melody. The judges will be insane by the time they’re through with this competition. ;D


What is wrong with you Jonathan5456… firstly I think this is an excellent track, and having listened to about 100 of the entries I would say it’s the best I’ve heard. Secondly, if you feel so strongly that it is poor, you would be better off just keeping your opinion to yourself, rather than being so blunt and rude. I’ve listened to many submissions in the competition which contain `curveballs’ in the manner you describe, and they sound RIDICULOUS. The best submissions are those which capture the spirit of the original composition, and adapt it; for example it’s like hearing the hero’s theme in various scenes of a Blockbuster film and each time the melody is there but woven into different textures, instrumentation and tempo. Most of the entries in this Bleeding Fingers competition are just lame show-off exercises, with people submitting multiple times to show off how many genres they can imitate, and more often than not just using their pre-existing compositions and poorly grafting a token stem in order to comply with the rules of entry.

this is a forum for people to give their opinions…people put music up and ask for opinions, telling Jonathan to keep his opinions to himself because you don’t like them is bordering on the ridiculous… :laughing:

Jonathan is never rude…straight forward and to the point yes…rude no…

You’ve made an account specifically to write a very emotional response to this arrangement which is not even your own. You’ve also found this post on the cubase forums very quickly. I’ve sometimes come across some people that get so emotionally attached to their own music that they get very upset by the slightest comment that is not lavish (and usually fake) praise. But this is not yours so I find it amusing just how upset you’re getting on behalf of somebody else. Time to point out all of the fallacies in what you’ve said anyway. Try to use reasoning and even logic in your arguments and less emotions.

That’s great, then you can vote for it. I’m very happy for your opinion. The only thing I do respect is that you’ve listened to all entries before making your decision as to which you’re going to vote for.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" - S.G. Tallentyre

Feel free to dislike my opinion all you like but you have no right to tell anyone else that they are not allowed thoughts or comments that are different to your own. I find it amusing that you have the mindset that only opinions that agree with your own should be allowed to be shared. But I never said it was poor nor good. I said, as you can read above once you’ve calmed yourself down, that it didn’t really do anything in the form of curveballs, in any sense of the word, that the competition description asked for.

The original poster asked for any thoughts and comments and I gave my opinion as to what I think needs to be done to improve it within the context of the competition description. If someone asks you to be adventurous and throw in curveballs then why would you think it’d be a good idea to specifically avoid doing so?

Perhaps they’ve simply not had enough practice to be able to do something adventurous and pull it off properly. Or perhaps they are good and it’s just your opinion that they are not. This is entirely the point, opinion. But the fact is that the competition description asks for these things and not doing so is not going to make it stand out to the judges when they’ve specifically asked for certain things. They are not misleading nor lying to you, they are being clear about what they are looking for.

Are you telling me that you are a better judge of what the judges that wrote the criteria for the competition are looking for?

I never said this arrangement was poor yet you have the audacity to call most of the entries lame and are trying to take some moral high ground over me with your lessons on how to not be ‘blunt and rude.’ It’s cute really.

And you know that they are using their existing compositions…how exactly? Show me evidence that supports your claim because I have a suspicion you can not know what others are doing.


This is the same stem that is used in this arrangement. So your own criticism also applies to this post.

Hey Jonathan , I understand your points of view and obviously your entitled to them . My curve-ball choice was to take Beethoven Mozart , Bach , and make HZ track as a past to present , which was more under the hood and not completely obvious in all areas at all time , which by no means easy to do given the melodies I selected to bond to HZ’s melodic content whilst still allow it to shine . Why , well in reality to show the source material could be embellished with sections of melodies from the Great German Composers , again not detracting from HZ’s melody , which I have yet to find another entry that did so , and intern would be my original take on it . The start of my track has nothing to do with the original track and is joined to HZ’s melody to allow for counter point at a later stage , during the first hearing of the HZ melody which I used a Soprano voice , again different to the original track ,which I used a Mozart motive as counterpoint to section A , again to be used later . When the original trumpet line is introduced , I used Beethoven as the counter point , to allow for it’s entry in the final section. I could continue with more , but if you feel there’s no original thought , or musical content then there’s nothing I could say now to illustrate that to you . Obviously this is highly dependent on the classical repertoire you are familiar with . As far as Facebook , well I can count the amount of people on my Facebook account with my hands and if you look at the amount of plays I have , clearly I’m not shopping this around and doing anything remotely close to what you have mentioned . Maybe I’ll post an original piece and see how that goes .

Peace …

I just think that because it’s a production music company that the curve balls they will be thinking of will be in line with every other production music company given that will be competing for the same jobs of movie trailers, A-list videogame ads and major ads in general. This may be completely wrong, but chances are they want production music and not film score or classical, which are related, but not quite the same.

I never said this was good nor bad as I find it hard to comment on arrangements in the same way as originals. My comments were specifically on what I thought could improve the arrangement specifically for the purpose of the competition which is being hosted by a production music company. Bleeding Fingers is in partnership with Extreme Music and they represent Two Steps From Hell. I just can’t imagine they created such a partnership if they wanted to do standard stuff. As I said, this may be completely incorrect. We’ll just have to wait and see what they pick as the winner. :stuck_out_tongue:

The popularity contest comment was mainly about the people that I had mentioned not you. I never think people’s choice award work for things like this because there is always some that have so many contacts and loyal followers that it becomes less and less about music and more about ego and validation. With millions of people calling into The X-Factor it’s less of a big deal because roping friends, family, their friends into it doesn’t make much of a difference. Smaller competitions like this, campaigning ruins it in my opinion.

Please do post and share original pieces, it’s always nice to hear more orchestra things. Even if I’m wrong about anything and everything I like discussion because generally both parties learn things and I like learning too.

I like the choirs parts !!

Nice work

As an update I’d like to say that one of the finalists was one of the people that my Facebook contacts that have thousands of followers/fans were pushing to have others vote for him as a favour to them instead of judging for themselves as to whom they thought had the best entry. Now, he is good and he knows what he’s doing but given how much campaigning went into it, I am not at all surprised he was a finalist.