Horizonal placing of hairpin ends

In Behind Bars (p. 104), Gould provides two examples of hairpin placement: stopping with the onset of the last note or continuing to the end of the last note.

I’m working on the score that follows her first option, however Dorico by default seems to always extend the hairpin to continue for the duration of the last note (I’ve input them with the popover).

Is this something I can set in Engraving Options or somewhere? I’ve looked but can’t seem to find these settings. For now I’m dragging them around manually but as the file gets bigger this becomes slow and tedious. Many thanks!

If memory serves, there’s a fairly recent option in Preferences > Note Input and Editing for whether gradual dynamics span the full duration of the selection prior to creation, or whether they stop at the last selected notehead.


Thank you, Lillie! I checked this box in Preferences:

…and tried it in a new project (again, with popover) but I’m not having much luck


Ah right, it’s notes rather than noteheads – apologies, I misremembered the option.

It’s a little more work, but you can then shorten the hairpin by increments of the rhythmic grid, back to the start of bar 6?

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Yes, indeed. Thinking through this - to do it on a selection of hairpins requires that I keep “linking dynamics and slurs” when pasting, which I was hoping to stop in order to safely copy and edit the slurs differently on woodwinds and strings. So, I’ll just have to remember to separate these two operations in order to toggle that option on and off.

It would be nice to have an ability to set how hairpins end on a project level. Or, alternatively, to set a very loud audio warning next time I input dynamics with a popover instead of the caret :grinning:

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If the engraving option Hairpins ending at beginning of note at start of bar is set to Allow to cross barline (which is the factory default), then cutting the ties between bars 3 and 4 in your example, applying the hairpin to bars 2 and 3, and tying the notes again will give you the first option shown without changing the length of the hairpin.

Edit: Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work if it is applied to mutiple staves whose barlines are joined. Sorry about that.

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