horizontal alignment of string indications

I’m writing for a solo stringed instrument and have a passage of string crossings where each note is assigned to a different string, indicated with a Roman numeral using text. How do I align those Roman numerals in a horizontal row above the staff? Each Roman numeral is attached to a different note.

At present there’s no “align” function for text.

I would recommend setting Engraving Options—Text to a higher value above the staff, which should make them the same height. Then you can Select More and move them all down at once.

Thanks I’ll try that

You could look into using string indicator playing techniques? The ones provided by default are Arabic numbers in circles, but you could make your own custom playing techniques with Roman numerals - the benefit of playing techniques being you can group them, which automatically aligns them, and offers the option to show continuation lines, if a sequence of notes are played on the same string.