horizontal arrangement of concurrent multiple voices

Hi folks,

Very minor issue here, as it can be fixed by a voice swap. But I am confused why the default behaviour of placing two voices left or right of each other changes depending on the duration of the note.

I am engraving some examples from Wagner’s 1959 Orchestration textbook (p.23). See picture. The second voice in mm.3-4 are all to the right of voice 1.

In my Dorico 3 example, the default behaviour puts the second voice on the left in m.3 and on the right in m.4. Shouldn’t they stay on the same side? Or is there an engraving rule somewhere that states that this is proper engraving technique? I would be happy to know.


Wagner 1959.png

There’s no global rule for this within Dorico.

Dorico puts the voice with the largest span to the left. There is indeed no option for this, but it’s very simple to swap the voice order in the rare circumstances that you should need to do it.