Horizontal brackets

Is there a way to put a horizontal bracket over a passage of notes, with my own expression words in it? One that looks like an 8va bracket but without the 8va sign of function? I want to write my own directions inside such a bracket (this is for some special pedal commands - for an electroacoustic piece).



Unfortunately not at the moment, Sarah. We do plan to add brackets and lines of various kinds in due course, but I’m afraid we don’t have them just yet. For now, you could try importing a graphic in SVG format in a graphics frame and positioning it in the right spot.

OK - thanks for the info. Will try that.

I too am looking for a way to insert a long horizontal (or vertical) resizeable bracket that looks like the one used for tuplets but without a number in the middle. The horizontal one can be used to emphasize a group of notes or beamed groups or mark recurrences of thematic statements. I understand from Daniel’s reply that adding such graphic symbols is on the list, but I thought that adding my “+1” for this possibility might be appropriate.

Any further news on this? I want a vertical bracket, bracketing two cello notes to show they are to be played double stopped; and elsewhere to show in a piano piece that two notes are to be played with the thumb. Yes, I’ll try importing a graphic but something a bit easier would be handy.

Just to add my +1, this is my number one “wish” for future Dorico updates: a flexible line-bracket-arrow designer tool. For vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines, dashed or dotted, with or without text, endpoints (arrows, brackets), and so on. I imagine they’d work so well in Dorico - similar to the way in which hairpins, 8va, or pedal lines are added now, and with similar customizable properties.

piano888, there already is a vertical bracket to indicate non-arpeggio, also suitable for explicit double stop/non div. It’s found next to the arpeggio symbols in the ornaments panel.
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Great - thanks! Now if only I could reverse it so I can put it on the right-hand side of the notes…

You’re right, we also need the right-hand one.

Any news over the horizontal/vertical brackets? I need to underline a main voice in the context by placing it inside a bracket group. I try to find a suitable way to do this, and the only thing I could do is to place the first bracket as a “non arpegio” technique (which requires a bit of workaround to make it look good) but I can not find any way to use the “closure” bracket, the one facing left. Can you offer me some suggestion on how to do that?
thank you
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There’s no good way to do this at the moment, though that will undoubtedly change in the future. You might consider creating a bracket as an SVG file and then place that using a graphic frame in Engrave mode, though note that graphic frames are page-aligned and will not move if the casting off changes or you make other layout changes to the music.

I add these as text for the moment https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=121774&p=663938&hilit=sibelius#p663938

Thanks to the Dorico team for the new lines…way easier and better!