Horizontal compressed music

I’m having this issue very often in this score. I don’t know if this bug has been reported before, if not, I can gladly mail the score or try to reduce it and still show the problem. In many cases, the music appears inexplicably compressed horizontally. Nudging an item, even if then undoing it, solves the problem, but switching views makes it reappear. I’ll post a video to show the problem in action.

Just wondering (because I’ve had this problem last week, and it’s somewhat related to this bug) : is there a way to set the multi bar rests width to some smaller value, other than manually tweaking the handles in Engrave mode>note spacing sub-mode?

Yes, there are some width settings in Engraving Options > Rests > Multi-bar Rests > Spacing (near the bottom).


OMG I don’t know how I’ve missed those !!! I was probably not expecting as many settings available. My bad, apologies to the team :pray:

I’d be interested to see this project, @lucas_r_r, ideally cut-down to the smallest size that still reproduces the issue.

bug compress.dorico (796.8 KB)
Here it is. I think it’s related to the Flute cue because, as soon as I remove the flute 1 player, the problem disappears.

It seems to be most directly related to the manual note spacing change at the beginning of the Cello part. When I remove that, the Flute cue appears as normal.

In Dorico it’s much better to try changing the settings first before inserting manual changes. Each part layout can have its own note spacing rule.

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Thanks @Mark_Johnson. I’m aware of these options. The spacing change is a residue of my setup for casting off. This cut-down project had much more flows, players and bars. Normally I’m fine with the default value of “4” for note spacing, but sometimes I change it just for a flow or several bars within a flow to favor an ideal page turn before resetting it to “4”, which I find more effective than deciding each of the system breaks up to the page turn. That’s why there’s a note spacing change.
It might well be that that’s what’s triggering the bug. However, you’ll also notice that there are some more actions that make it disappear, like nudging the system text at the beginning, albeit it reappears shortly after switching views.

Well, after poking at it some more, it’s a mystery to me. The Flute cue disappears in the Cello part with quarter note anything less than 3¾ sp, even via Layout options. This needs someone with more knowledge than I.