Horizontal cue-scaled note stem positioning

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When you change the scale of a note that is in ‘unison’ with another voice, Dorico moves horizontally—and logically—the stem of the scaled note as it has been scaled. Wouldn’t it be better if the stem was aligned to the right of the ‘normal-sized’ note, rather than to the left? I don’t know if this is intentional, but I rather prefer the Original way to solve this unison.
A kind of workaround would be to set the scaling factor to 100% in these unison notes, but the stem and beams would also scale to a normal size, and would not look really well (see Image 3).



Yes, I’ve come across this too. I agree that it would be good if Dorico aligned the notes automatically like you describe. Perhaps somewhere down the road…
In the meantime you can fix this manually with the note spacing tool. (Move the scaled note to another voice column first.)

I agree that ideally we would automatically right-align the scaled note in this situation, but it’s not trivial to achieve. I have made a note of it for future consideration.

I wonder if this has been addressed in any recent updates? I am having trouble with this.

Is this what you want?

To make it easier to select the ‘unison’ noteheads, I entered the two stem-down ‘big’ notes an octave lower, to be raised an octave after the cue-sized notes had been ‘doctored’.

In Write mode, I entered all the upper notes as normal size then selected all the notes in each group except the two A’s, and in Properties > Common > Scale, made them Cue size. Because the two A’s were still normal size this, of course, left the beams thicker.

I then changed to Engrave mode and selected the first note in both the groups of cue-sized notes. In Properties > Beaming, I clicked on Thickness and changed the value from 1/2 space to 3/8 space. If the beams are still not quite the right thickness, you can enter a value, even decimal values (eg 0.33) and experiment until you are satisfied.

Lastly, I went back into Write mode and moved the two normal-sized notes to the correct octave.

I did all this in Dorico 4. I have not checked to see if it is possible in Dorico 3.5.

Edit: It is not possible in Dorico 3.5, because Beaming does not have the Thickness property.

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THANK YOU, stevenjones01! You have saved me a lot of time and aggravation.