Horizontal filters in galley view?


I’m currently working on a very large orchestral score with multiple flows, double choir, soloists, organ, etc., and it’s very laggy. For reference, I’m using a 2018 MacBook Pro with 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, and I’m running Dorico 4.1. The slowness is getting to the point where I can’t get much work done, and I just had to force quit to program because the spinning beachball wouldn’t stop.

I’m currently doing note entry in galley view, and I’m filtering only the instruments that I need, but it’s still laggy. Is there any way to speed up Dorico? An option to filter staves horizontally would be a game-changer. I’m no computer expert, but wouldn’t this make the program run faster? I could enter galley view, select a horizontal filter that would show a single flow or even a measure range within that flow, and the software wouldn’t have to process the entire score.

Would this be possible? Galley view has a lot of advantages, but the slowness is getting frustrating.

For note input, I would suggest that you try creating a “scratch” custom score layout that contains only the flow you’re working on, then switch to that layout for note input. Typically that will be somewhat faster than inputting into a layout with all flows attached.