Horizontal Hairpin Alignment

Is there a way to have hairpins automatically align to the rhythmic grid instead of individual beats? Or even if you can’t change it globally, can you change it on a case-by-case basis? I’ve got some that I don’t want to follow the rhythm exactly (i.e. cresc. for 2, dim for 2, but the rhythm is a quarter note and a dotted half note).



To modify a gradual dynamic, select the hairpin and lengthen or shorten it using Shift-Alt-arrows.

Edit: for a messa di voce (<>), it’s a little more difficult. You’ll need to enter the crescendo, modify it to extend to beat 3, then enter note input mode, navigate the caret to beat 3, and input a decrescendo. Then you can modify that one as desired.

Dorico doesn’t give you as much fine-grain control over messa di voce marks. It only allows you to align the apex to a note. So in this case, you can’t just enter it as a single expression.

I think this is worthy of a feature request… it would be nice if Shift-Alt would move the center of the messa di voce according to the rhythmic grid, just as it does for other gradual dynamics. While dynamics should generally align to notes (which gives clarity to the performer), sometimes they don’t.

Ah, okay thank you. That will do the trick!