Horizontal Line: Hyphenated Text question

For the Hyphenated Text property of horizontal lines, how precisely does Dorico determine how much space to place between each syllable? Are there any Engraving Options which would help make syllables exactly equidistant, regardless of difference between amount of characters in syllables?

Dorico basically divides the total length of the line by the number of syllables and the total number of syllables to be fitted in, taking into account whether you have specified that the line should start and/or end with a syllable. Depending on what kind of line is being drawn, you may see some irregularity, e.g. with a dashed line the number of dashes between two syllables may vary because of the specific widths of the two syllables, and Dorico will prefer to create line segments with complete dashes, in which case it will subtly modify the lengths of the dashes and the gaps between them.

Thanks Daniel for the education on this. I’m completely abusing the system at the moment to make a nicely behaving narrator part, and this at least gives me a bit of insight into how to harness this a bit better for my purposes. Narration is tough…