Horizontal Lines changing vertical spacing

Is there a way to make the horizontal lines to have it not move the stave around?
I dont like how much space some of my lines are adding.

is there a way to tell Dorico that its okay if it collides
and make it not push my staves around?

If these lines are ultimately intended to create “box notation” and be positioned on the staff, directly around those short passages of notes, use the Placement property to tell Dorico they should appear inside the staff. It will massively improve their impact on vertical spacing (and save you work, as they’ll be closer to where you want them to start with!)

Did you read about the horizontal-lines-as-a-kind-of-box-notation technique somewhere? If so, I’d be interested in seeing a link, as if this step of changing the placement isn’t already part of that guide, it might be worth adding it.

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