Horizontal lines start and end points

When I create a horizontal line, I can choose to start or end on a rhythmic position, a bar line, or a note head. If I change my mind after the fact, is there a way to change it? For example, if I start with a line anchored to a rhythmic position but later realize I want it to anchor to a bar line instead, can I change it? Or do I have to delete the line and create a new one with a different anchor point? I don’t see an option for it in the properties window.

You can’t later change the attachment type, I’m afraid – you’d have to recreate the line.

If you’ve made a number of local edits to the line (like changing its end caps or body style) you could look at designing a custom line with those attributes, which would make it easier to re-input or indeed input multiple times or in multiple projects.

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Thanks, Lillie! (Perhaps it’s implied, but it would be nice in some future version to be able to change the anchor point after the fact, and to be able to see for sure how an existing line is set to be anchored.)