horizontal locking

When moving clips to other tracks is there a shortcut or additional key to hold when using alt+drag to do absolute horizontal locking?

It’s actually a tool modifier in preference called “Constrain Direction” I think. It works both vertically and horizontally.

EDIT: And it should be CTRL by default and already working. Just hold down CTRL while you drag. If you drag to the right or left, it will stay in the same lane. If you drag up/down it will lock vertically.


Maybe I didn’t explain it correctly because using CTRL doesn’t lock it in place.

Using snap per bar helps but not enough when zoomed in & selecting many tracks to move.

(I tried both CTRL+ALT & see that midi notes can be moved horizontally within the clip which I never knew though)

Hmm … not sure what to tell you. It works bother vertically and horizontally for me. Doesn’t matter the zoom or number of items or tracks selected.

I don’t know why it wouldn’t work then as well. I haven’t changed any settings.
I see 6.5 in your sig…I’m using 7, possibly a difference?
I’m a new user (starting with C7) so could be a simple oversight & user error.
Thanks for your help though.

No, it works the same in C7 as it does in C6. Have both, I just work in 6.5 until the C7 mixer works properly.

O.K. thanks

The Ctrl works as a lock unless you try to use it while also copying as Alt-Ctrl is the modifier for slip edit.

In preferences/tool modifiers you can find this under Select tool…if you change it to something else then Alt-Ctrl will work as you want it to…though you’ll probably be sharing the slip edit modifier with something else now as there are too few modifier options.


Yeah, I found the CRTL+ALT by accident when trying to find a way to lock clips in place.

I was having the same problem but figured it out. The solution lies in the order of operation you did each thing in:

First CLICK on the MIDI track you want to move, then, while continuing to hold down on your mouse, press CTRL and then move it. It will lock the vertical or horizontal movement.

Found this thread while searching for the solution - and Click + Strg (while holding down the left mouse button) + Move -> this still works.
Thanks a lots!