Horizontal lyrics collision

Didn’t find a corresponding topic in the forum so here there is an example of lyrics colliding with a barline:

Do I have (for now) have to correct this manually? Would be nice to have a parameter like “minimum horizontal distance to left / right item”

First, you may want to use vocal staves that do not draw the bar lines between staves.
Also, are you aware of the alignment option in Lyrics Properties?


thank you very much for your helpful reply.
I want to put lyrics between two piano staffs, so the barlines should be between staves.
Maybe that’s a bit unusual but I want my piano pupil to be able to play the music and read the lyrics at once (without having another system just for the melody, that doubles the right hand)
I know the properties-box. I’d like to have lyrics to align centered in general and I can change the settings for the syllables that come after a barline manually, of course. But I would appreciate if Dorico could do this automatically. :slight_smile:

If I recall correctly the plan is that in some future version Dorico will automatically erase a part of the barline behind the syllable, or dynamic marking or whatever happens to collide with it.
For now a combination of adjusting the note spacing and slightly moving the offending syllable works well for me. In your case I wouldn’t even use the alignment option but just grab the syllable with the mouse and move it a bit to the right.

Andreas, you can also move the note with ‘long’ word to the right after switching on ‘Note Spacing’ toggle in Engrave mode.