Horizontal Midi part editing!

Hello Forum.
Cubase 8.0.20

So I’m sitting here working on a midi part on a track in the project window.
And then it hits me. Why can’t we edit midi parts horizontally as easily as we can vertically?
The notes in the part im working on spread the spectrum C1 to C3, and I wanted to move the lower notes to a new track. What I have been doing is open the part …cut the selection of notes… draw a new part on another track…open it…paste. I’m sure there are other ways to do this, but how about a new tool that could cut the midi part horizontally in the project view (like edit in place), then I could simply drag the lower rage of notes to create a new midi part with these notes?

How about it?

Thanks :sunglasses:

I agree with this, would be a nice function instead of shift selecting cutting and pasting in place.

I work a lot with midi notes and this is a good idea. It would be also nice to have midi-note groups inside a part. Could be useful when editing chords.

Shift selecting any bunch of notes and being able to group them would also be a nice feature. I’ve wanted that since the SX days !

+1. Except that I would like to switch between the “Classic” and “Horizontal”. This would be a killer function! PLEASE, Steinberg!

Alex Kharlamov

“Move/Copy Selected Notes to New Track” (wish list for sure)

By default, I’d like to have the “new track” created take the source track’s settings – MIDI channel, Bus Assigns, instrument, patch preset, track preset, inserts, and so on.


Very Very Nice :smiley:

Thanks! Just thought of another way of putting it, “Dissolve selected notes” For example, we could select all the kick drums and dissolve those to a new track, etc. I love Dissolve by pitch, but “Dissolve selected” would, It think, be a very useful feature for many users. I find myself doing cut/past for this now. It would be faster to select and dissolve.

Take care :slight_smile: