Horizontal Note Spacing not working


I’m trying to move the notes horizontally, our of the regular rhythmic grid. By following the online manual, I do what follows:

  1. Switch to the Engrave Mode.
  2. Select the Note Spacing icon in the left bar.
  3. Click on the square handle over the note to displace.
  4. Grab the circular handle in the note, and drag.

The note doesn’t move. It happens with any note.

What am I doing wrong?


You can’t drag the handle. Select it and use Alt+left/right arrow instead. If you hold down Ctrl the note moves in greater steps.

Thank you Florian. Oh, I see it! After the general introduction, there is a dedicated page in the manual:



I am also trying to move notes on an individual basis, but on the tablature stave. All that moves though is the note on the notation stave. What am I doing wrong?

Notes on Tab staves are locked to the actual beat (which is the big square handle). Notes on five line staves can be moved independently from the beat, by selecting the square (beat) handle, then clicking (or hitting up/down arrows to select) the circular handle.

So just to be clear here, can I move the numbers on the tab stave? I can’t seem to.

You can move the whole beat, which will move the tab numbers, and having done that, you can move the individual notes on the five line stave, back to where they were before. This may not help you in a score that has lots of instruments, but in a guitar part it should suffice.

Thank you. I’ll give it a go! I can’t find any reference to this in the manual.

A. The place to look would be the Version History - the manual isn’t fully up to date.
B. The Version History doesn’t give absolutely every detail of how every aspect of the new functionality works. This is one of the reasons we have to wait a little longer for the manual to be fully updated.

Okay Thanks.

Thanks have managed to accomplish this but it seems a very cumbersome procedure to do en masse. I would ultimately like to be able to edit the tablature stave independently of the notation stave.

You can’t edit the spacing of the tab and notation completely independently, any more than you can edit the spacing of any other two instruments or staves independently: everything has to line up at the same rhythmic position. You can adjust the offset of a specific note or chord relative to the global position using the small circular handles that appear on the notation staff, but at the moment those same handles don’t appear in tablature; instead you can adjust the ‘Voice column X offset’ property in the Note Spacing group of the Properties panel, which appears only in Engrave mode.

The only reason I ask is that I like the tab numbers to be spaced fairly evenly across the bar for visual clarity and this isn’t always the case when I use a lot of different note values. It is then useful to manually adjust the tab numbers. Despite Finale’s cumbersomeness, it was very easy to achieve this particular feat. But I’m not going back…!

Obviously it’s not up to me to tell you how to lay out your music, but I think if you’re going to show the tablature and the notation together, it’s a good idea for the fret numbers to appear horizontally at the same position as the notes to which they correspond in the notation staff. If they don’t line up, it’s going to look pretty confusing – in my opinion, of course.