Horizontal piano roll

Is there an option for this in Cubase?
As a keyboard player it would make much more sense to have the piano roll horizontal in the midi editor…
Its really confusing for me like that! Think about it …


I have read this FR many times already…

and what does that mean ? its not there atm so…


I need that too! Is there any workaround to this? Maybe a plugin?


By using MIDI Sends, you can send the MIDI data (over any virtual cable) to any 3rd party application, which can show the data this way.

Thank you, Martin. I have the MIDI send, slot 1 to IAC Driver. But where is the GUI for the horizontal piano roll? It seems I cannot find one on the net! Maybe it is one hidden in Cubase!


No, there is not this kind of view in Cubase. If there would be one, it wouldn’t make sense to send it to 3rd part application. :wink:

Sorry, I don’t know these applications, myself I can’t recommend any.

That is right! Well, maybe you can develop one! I did not find any open source project on Github!