Horizontal position of bar numbers


I have bar numbers under every bar (underneath the bar line). I would like to move them all about half a space to the left instead of being dead center under the bar line, just so that if the note in the following bar has an accidental down near the bar number, they do not collide. However, I can’t seem to find an engraving option or layout option that does this - is there any way of accomplishing this (without moving them all manually)?


Not at present.

Engrave > Paragraph Styles > Bar numbers
Set First Line Indent to a negative number

Hey… that’s a neat trick!

Well, I guess it’s not a trick, but I never would have thought of that…

Ahh, thank you! I tried everything - I did think of Paragraph styles → bar numbers, but tried changing the regular indent to a negative number. I didn’t think the first line indent would be different, but apparently it is.