Horizontal position of clef change depends on pitch of next note

Dorico Pro v. As can be seen above, the upper stave has more horizontal distance between the tenor clef and the note. The distance increases when the note involves a leger line above OR below the stave, no matter how high or low the pitch. This is not solely associated with the tenor clef: it is the same with other clefs, though I have only tested this and the bass and treble clefs.


Yes, this is the expected behaviour: the clef’s position is determined by the Gap after clef change value on the Spacing Gaps page of Engraving Options, and is measured from the leftmost extremity of the notes or chords immediately to its right.

It just looks weird, particularly when the leftmost extremity is so far away vertically.

And I see that I cannot move it in Engrave Mode.


You can, in fact, using the Spacing offset property when the clef is selected.

Brilliant! I overlooked that. Thanks – you made my day – again!