Horizontal position of Coypiright text

Do you have any idea why I am not able to align those texts horizontally? Both frames are the same hight. All other parameters are the same, too.
The one on the right is the default frame for the first page, the one on the left is a new frame.

The text frame containing the copyright token is “Bottom”-aligned by default; to match with your other frame, you’d want it to be Center.

You can also add the work number token to the text frame containing the copyright token - each text frame can contain any number of tokens. Having them in the same frame might make maintaining the alignment easier and means you have fewer frames to move about?

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Thanks, Lillie, I’ve completely forgotten, that there are some useful options in the Properties panel also for frames.
(I need to use two frames because the publisher wants to have the work number on the left and copyright on the right side of the page.)

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