Horizontal position of noteheads in seconds

Admittedly, it’s rather bizarre request.
Here’s the way - conventional and reasonable - that Dorico renders seconds.
Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 10.30.13 AM.png
Yet, for some specific reason, I’d like to have the note-heads in each double stop to be placed in opposite horizontal order - i.e. the top note to be placed to the left of the stem and the bottom (crosshead) to the right of the stem.
Is there a way to achieve that?

On a side note: as it’s seen in the screenshot, the double-stops aren’t grouped evenly. Curiously, if I force the stems to be uniformly ‘up’, the spacing is rendered perfectly even.

Igor Borodin

I’m not sure if there is an easier way, but it can be done by putting the notes in 2 different voices, then using voice column index to get the order correct, then doing a stem adjustment to (for instance) -3 3/4 for the stem you don’t want to see. The attachment shows an example (2nd quarter note). You may also need to do a slight notehead spacing change to nudge the x notehead a little get the stems to line up to look like a single stem.
Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 2.44.25 PM.png

Thank you for the reply.
I forgot to mention that for another peculiar reason, I need to stick with double-stops.

Igor, you should be able to adjust the spacing by going to Engrave Mode and toggling note spacing on (bottom left panel).

Again, I truly appreciate your advices, but manually adjust every instance - and there are many of them - would be way too tedious/laborious.
Nevertheless, thank you.

Actually, I tried that and found that note spacing affects the entire double-stop cluster - i.e. both notes and the stem.

Igor, to move just one of the voices (noteheads), make sure you click on the appropriate circle and not the square before moving it. (See attachments showing: 1. the mis-aligned stems - which is the downstemlet of the regular notehead not aligning with the regular length downstem of the x notehead, and, 2. the correction technique using note spacing).
1. stem down but not aligned with other.png
2. move only one notehead and stem.png

Dear musicmaven,

I’m afraid, there is a miscommunication: as far as I understand your suggestions, you’re talking about aligning notes from two different voices.
I’m looking for the solution that would work for double-stops; i.e. two notes on the same stem in one voice.
Unless I’m missing something, in Engrave mode either squares or circle or both (i.e. selected together) move the entire object - both noteheads in-sync with their stem.

Yes that’s correct. All, of my posts have been discussing using 2 voices to achieve the look you are after. If you are able to rearrange noteheads of a chord I haven’t seen how that is possible, that’s why I suggested using 2 voices. (It works). I’m afraid I’m out of further ideas. Good luck!