Horizontal Scroll on Cubase 7 (wrong Direction)

Hi guys, I’ve searched this forum to see if anyone figured how to switch or reverse the Horizontal Scroll as it was in Cubase 6 and every other previous version before 7…and couldn’t really find a solution. I really hate scrolling left and moving right!! :frowning: Any help would be greatly appreciated, thnx guys:) Oh! I’m on a Mac Pro with OSX:)

Aloha A,

This issue was (supposedly) fixed with 7.06.

PROJECT (OS X ONLY): The horizontal zoom direction in the Project window
(CMD and mouse wheel) no longer switches depending on the “Natural scrolling”
system setting and will always zoom-in like on PC.


Hope this helps

I updated to 7.0.6 and its still Backwards!! :frowning: This sucks, as it is something that is used everyday that I work on Cubase.

Its been noted on the Nuendo forum too - logged as a ‘collected issue’. What that ultimately means I’ve no idea (in terms of priority, timescale for fixing, release window - which are all quite arbitrary yet distinct things)

I would figure that something so widely used, would be fix right away…I guess not!!

I have this problem still when using my quad-directional mouse wheel to scroll left and right. Tilting the mouse ball right scrolls left and tilting left scrolls right.

Fix needed!

While we’re at it how it the ++++ do you scroll the console window from left to right?